Our Hands

Hello!  It’s been awhile. :)

Steve and I are planning our Fifth Wedding Anniversary Celebration which will take place in the Merrie Month of May.

A Facebook friend of mine has recently asked me about our Soul Wedding in 2010, as she is helping her friends plan their wedding and wanted some inspiration.  My big advice is for the couple to do what is meaningful to them and to put a lot of care and thought into everything that they do.  I would also add, get a really good photographer.  Photos from well meaning friends are great too, but the beautifully captured photos of our day are so well cherished by us.  We had Emma Solley who is based in Exeter capture our wedding days.  Unfortunately, she will not be available for our 5th year celebration, but I am sure that we will find the perfect person.

Back to now, our invitations for our May Celebration are going to the printer today.  We’ve chosen one of Emma’s B & W photographs of our hands for the card.

our hands001

The same photo, in colour.

our hands002

We had two wedding ceremonies – a Registry Office Wedding, followed by a Soul Wedding Ceremony and Handfasting the next day.  Another photo of our hands from our Registry Office Wedding.

our hands003

Receive my pledge, accept my troth, take my hands in yours.

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