About Us

Welcome to the Jackdaw Diaries, as written by Melinda and Steve Schwakhofer-Coxon.

When we started this blog we wanted to chronicle the journey to our wedding.  There is a lot out in cyberspace on weddings, but it seems to be mainly focused on what goods and services to spend (lots of) money on. The route we chose is different. A deeper, perhaps soulful approach.  Besides the obvious issues and decisions of where and when the wedding takes place, who officiates and who would be our witnesses, what to we eat and wear, we recorded the journey and the process.   Most importantly, we wanted to capture the essence of our relationship which infused our wedding and our marriage.  We are both INFP’s, a rare combination of a rare personality type.


Melinda Schwakhofer, an artist, and Steve Coxon, a writer, live on Dartmoor.

Now, a few years down the line, we’ve renamed the blog in honour of our neighbours – the jackdaws who inhabit the rooftops of the houses next to our home, whose daily routines we observe and who, in turn, see our lives evolving each day.


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