Wings of Love

I’d been banking on warm weather for the month of May.  Last year, we turned the heating off at the end of April and didn’t turn it back on until November!  Still, this is England and I should know to expect anything.  My wedding dress is ivory satin and silk chiffon.  I have a pearl-trimmed silk pashmina to go around my shoulders, but I think that I may need something a bit more.

I found a fur capelet in a vintage clothing store in Exeter, but it was too big and too long.  Also, while I don’t have a problem with eating meat and wearing leather, I’m not quite sure about wearing fur.  I visited some of the bridal shops and department stores, but didn’t strike lucky.  So I went online and ordered an ivory maribou stole from John Lewis.  It arrived today and it is quite fabulous.  I won’t be able to see it with my wedding dress until Saturday (it’s away being hemmed), but I am quite smitten with it.  I had it on over my dressing gown today and to wear it is like being held by an angel.

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