A few days ago, someone asked us how our wedding preparations are coming along.  I replied ‘Great! It’s all downhill from here’ and the person looked somewhat taken aback.   Apparently, this idiom can be viewed in either a positive or negative light.  Well, I’m a cyclist and it means that we’ve finally crested the top of a hill and are going down the other side.   The hard work is over and it’s all going to be smooth sailing from now on.

As I mentioned before, designing the invitations was easy; it was attending to all of the details that was the challenging part.  Steve and I are both visionaries and have to work outside of our comfort zone to to make things happen.  But, we are creative artists at heart and want to make our nuptials beautiful, meaningful and memorable for us and our guests, so we were able to attend to the myriad details that will make up the two days of our wedding celebrations.

So now, even though all of the hard work is over, I’m feeling the energy and momentum building as our wedding dates draw near.  Just as in a bike ride, the downhill can be exhilarating and require as much attention and focus as the long ride up.

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