White Wedding Stones

Right smack in the middle of our wedding day, Steve and I have invited our guests to walk a labyrinth with us.  We’ll write more about it in another post, but first of all we had to find a place to construct it and something to build the labyrinth from.  I contacted one of the deacons of St. Andrews Church in Moretonhampstead to see if we might be able to set up a canvas labyrinth inside.  But alas, the space was too small.

Ann very kindly and generously offered us her back garden as a possible site, which turned out to be perfect.  She had laid out a hexagonal lawn space with the intention of one day making a permanent labyrinth herself.

Our friend Philippa, who has held full moon labyrinth workshops, offered to help us design it and facilitate the labyrinth walk on our wedding day.  She suggested that white stones would be lovely to use.

We agreed and went to a building  & garden supply centre.  They had small white stones for £200 a ton.  A bit more than we need and they were too puny.  So, I did what I often do and asked the Universe to bring us some white stones, lots of them, from egg to cobble size.

The Universe got back to us a couple of weeks later via a link to a bead shop in Birmingham, that Steve just happened to find online.  It just so happened that we had a trip to Brum planned the following week for Steve’s work and the Birmingham Bead Shop just happens to be located on the ground floor of the Custard Factory where Steve had his meetings set up!  Kate the owner is from North Devon and her parents have a cache of these stones on their farm ‘just in case we need a few more’.  So Steve and I loaded up his car and brought our lovely white wedding stones back to Dartmoor with us.

Thank you Universe!

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